Dating Widget

What is the Dating Widget?

See photos of single people that meet your dating interests, right on your Mac OS X Dashboard! First you set your dating preferences (I'm a Male/Female seeking...) and your location.

The Widget will then automatically download photos of selecting singles just for you in your area! The photos will be displayed as a slideshow, showing a different photo every 30 seconds.

If you are interested in someone, click the heart icon (or double click their photo) to go to their profile to learn more about them. Click the next and previous button if you want to skip through the photos manually. Or click the search button to see your matches online.

Dating Widget Screenshot

Download Dating Widget v2.6 for Mac OS X Dashboard

Version History

General - We have discontinued the Yahoo widget and updated the back end web site - 2/13/2014
2.6 - (Mac OS X Dashboard) - Added ability to select picture frame - 7/20/2007
2.6 - (Yahoo!) - Added ability to select picture frame - 10/24/2006
2.5 - (Mac OS X Dashboard) - Added ability to specify races for search results - 2/14/2006
2.5 - (Yahoo!) - Added ability to specify races for search results - 2/10/2006
2.1 - (Mac OS X Dashboard) Initial release for Mac OS X Dashboard!
2.1 - (Yahoo!) Fixed glitches that affect Mac OS X users
2.0 - (Yahoo!) All new version now shows photos of your matches right on your desktop!
1.0 - (Yahoo!) Initial release! Accepts search criteria and provides convenient link to search results.


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